Refund Policy


 Please be aware that even though your new droid will be coated to help protect them against damage, that by nature of their design and depending on the surfaces you choose to have adventures on, scratches or chips may occur. Here at AdoraDroids we do what we can to lower the chances of that happening but being carbon-based life forms we can’t always be perfect.

*Refund Policy*

 You are entitled to a full refund if you choose to cancel any time before your project has been started. Once your custom order design has been confirmed and begun, refunds can no longer be issued. If you place a deposit for a commission slot, deposits are non-refundable if we receive no response within 2 weeks after confirmation email is sent. 

If a droid has been adopted and there is a manufacturer malfunction with a part of your droid upon arrival, AdoraDroids will attempt to fix the issue if the malfunction is noted within 24 hours of receipt of your droid. If the part cannot be fixed you will be offered a full refund which will be issued on return of the product. As AdoraDroids are custom art pieces, adopted droids are not eligible for refund without manufacturer malfunction once they have been received.