What is an AdoraDroid?

Hi! My name is Renee, and I'm the creator of AdoraDroids, customized by hand, adorable droids who have traveled all the way from Galaxy's Edge to meet you! Every Droid was hand built in the Droid Depot of Batuu East and lovingly designed.

An AdoraDroid is a remote controlled Star Wars Droid with the capabilities to interact with other droids or with the Disney parks themselves. When visiting Batuu East or West, your little one will respond to each area of the park depending on its type of embedded personality chip. When at home you can play and interact with them either with their controller or via Bluetooth on the Droid Depot app where you can teach her how to dance and play games. Having more that one also allows them to talk and interact with one another. 

What makes an AdoraDroid any different that any other you may ask? Well, My girls have been salvaged from across different galaxy's after having been abandoned with no homes and no humans. After hearing about all the droids that were left behind, I decided to make it my mission to hunt them down and find them the forever homes they deserve. With the help of the smugglers at Galaxy's Edge, I made a deal to trade credits for any salvaged droids they found on their travels. With so many droids being dug up and dusted off, I knew I needed to find a way to restore them to their original glory and appeal to the humans of earth. So we came up with a plan. What better way to find them a new human, then to give each one a fresh makeover? So the Design Depot was born. A highly sophisticated spa where each droid undergoes a full cleaning treatment, repair work, spruce up and then the fun begins. Each girl's design is inspired by the colors and fauna of the planet they were salvaged from to give her a memory of her past to bring with her to her future with you.