November Customs

November Customs

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Read Carefully! *

The purchase price of $100.00 is ONLY to reserve your spot to have your droid customized and not the final price and will go towards your total. You will receive an email to confirm your droid type as well as package option, shipping information and remaining balance due.  You will be able to pay the full payment through which will include shipping.

*NEW* B units will have a tilt switch installed which will allow you to turn on your droid without having to disassemble her. 

Looking for a droid with a little extra personality? Look no further than our AdoraDroids! Pick your colors and let our design team create the perfect droid to match your personality! Each AdoraDroid comes with a custom paint, matching controller, display stand and floral crown. If that's just not enough cuteness, you can also have the option to add additional accessories with the premium package which includes a personality chip from Galaxy's Edge, a coordinating keychain and a controller sling that clips right onto your very own macrame carrying bag. If you would like to upgrade to the premium package, inform me that you would like an upgrade when I reach out to confirm your colors.

If you've already got your own droid who is ready for their makeover, choose the "Glow-Up" option, and you will receive information to send your little one our way for their special day at the design depot. 


Full Custom Droid option prices: (You will be purchasing a droid with customization)

BB8 Standard: $410.00+shipping

BB8 Premium: $465.00+shipping


Chopper Standard: $430.00+shipping

Chopper Premium: $485.00+shipping


R2 Standard: $460.00+shipping

R2 Premium: $505.00+shipping


Droid Glow-Up option prices: (you already own a droid and will be sending it to AdoraDroids for customization)

BB8 standard: $290.00 +Shipping

BB8 premium: $345.00 +Shipping


Chopper Standard: $310.00 +Shipping

Chopper premium: $365 +Shipping


R2D2 standard: $350.00 +Shipping

R2D2 premium: $405.00 +shipping



 Please be aware that even though your new droid will be coated to help protect them against damage, that by nature of their design and depending on the surfaces you choose to have adventures on, scratches or chips may occur. Here at AdoraDroids we do what we can to lower the chances of that happening but being carbon-based life forms we can’t always be perfect.

*Refund Policy*

 You are entitled to a full refund if you choose to cancel any time before your project has been started. Once your custom order design has been confirmed and begun, refunds can no longer be issued.